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God Always Preserves a Remnant
We see it throughout scripture...a remnant of God’s people preserved through certain destruction. Noah and his family, multitudes exit out of Egypt but a remnant enters the promised land, Rahab and her family saved from destruction in Jericho, and a remnant few return to rebuild Jerusalem after captivity in Babylon.
A Remnant Rescued
God is preserving a remnant even today through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. But that remnant is not walking in the truth of God's Word, is drowning in deception and they don’t even know it.  We are prayerful that the Lord would use this ministry to help rescue His people! 
Disciple Making & Ministry Team Building
Using our Lord and Savior's example of discipleship, our ministry is committed to reaching people individually, teaching in a small group setting, and training those people up to go out and reach others.  We are working to employ all the best technology tools to connect people to our ministry and empower them to reach those people with whom they have influence.
Drop us a note to request prayer, say hello or express your interest in joining our ministry team!  We'd love to hear from  you!
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